Karen's 25 years performance experience helps her make your child's visit with the clown a joyful experience. There is a lot of concern that kids are afraid of clowns these days and that can be true, but there are tried and true ways to help a child overcome,or better yet, never learn to be afraid of clowns.

Karen is available in clown or out of clown for:
       Walk Around Entertainment
       Balloon Sculpting
       Face Painting and Glitter Tattoos
       Birthday Party packages

STAGE SHOWS suitable for festivals, libraries and schools:

"One Trunk Circus'"
From out of her trunk, the Clown discovers an absurd amount of lunch
in a small lunch box. She flips sandwiches on a teeterboard (did your
mother tell you not to play with your food?). Magic with a silly clown
twist and foolish skills to amaze all. Ages 3 years-5th grade.

"Zo Zoo Me"
A performance with a circus clown and her steamer trunk. Join
 Karen as she picnics at the zoo. Watch out, though, it seems
some of the animals have escaped! This whimsical romp includes
the audience helping to capture the benevolent zoo animals, as
well as putting back together a broken park statue...in new and
unusual ways.
Ages preschool-5th grades.

A unique look at music through the eyes of a clown. Discover new instruments and old ones put to new use. A performance that will teach music, creativity and play.
Ages: Preschool to 5th Grades

"Backstage at the Big Top"
Welcome to the magical world of the Circus! Follow the Clown as she gives your students a special tour backstage at the Big Top. Karen applies her grease paint on stage, demonstrates skills and performs several styles of clown gags. Karen walks the tight wire as a metaphor to making your dreams happen. This performance discusses the training and practice involved behind the laughter.
Ages for K-5th, assembly performance. (Also available for a smaller venue

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